Monday, 29 April 2013

HE in FE and the evolution of Quality Assurance in parterships

I work in a College which is primarily dedicated to Further Education, but which in the last few years has begun to offer Higher Education degree courses to students, which we develop ourselves and are 'validated' by a University. One of my jobs here (besides teaching literature and language) is to draft policies and regulations for the management of Higher Education within the Further Education College. This is a rather challenging role, partly because the whole issue of regulating HE is inherently complex and partly because it means a series of negotiations and compromises with a College regulatory infrastructure more dedicated to meeting the requirements of Ofsted than the QAA.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The joys of the British Library Reading Rooms

So here's the reason why you will never catch me dead in the Business reading rooms at the British Library.  I know nobody is asking, and nobody cares, but I am on a tea break and need some way chill.

Last week I sat in the coffee shop opposite the library waiting for the magical moment when the doors open and you enter the pristine stillness of that glorious building, filled only with the keenest and most determined of researchers.  Next to me in the coffee shop there was a couple of fellow 'British Libriers' discussing a new invention which they were planning to patent, and which they were working on marketing.  Their conversation was littered with jargon about cost margins and maximization and goodness knows what other horrors.

I’ll tell you why you should vote for me

I’m a better person than you. Harsh, I know, but true. Just look at my suit, my cufflinks, hair, my Bertie Wooster aristocratic air, m...