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Another lost lecture... Restoration Theatre

Yes, yes, yes, I know this is all rather self-aggrandizing - but honestly a lot of time and energy gets put into preparing a lecture and presentation, so it is always with a sad sigh that I issue one of them with a redundancy notice.

This particular one I let go of with especial reluctance, because the teaching Restoration comedy is frankly just about as much fun as you can get in a classroom.  Anyway, here it is - doubtless no real loss to the world in the great scheme of things...

Restoration Theatre on Prezi

It is, of course, absurd to point to any one moment I time, or any single event, and to suggest that the modern world began there. Society, history and culture are far more complex than that. However, something of significance certainly did happen in 1660, and the echoes of that something can certainly be argued, convincingly, to still be heard today.

To recap. In 1642 parliament and King Charles I divided, and civil war broke out. In such times, the frivolity of theatres wa…