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The Difficult First Blog

Ok. So it seems I have been running the risk of hypocrisy for some time now.  In my capacity as a lecturer to undergraduates I have been espousing for some time the values of the internet and of the wide range of media it provides - not only as a source of information, but as a means of clarifying, sharing, and developing thought in intuitive ways.  This is all well and good, but for all my enthusiasm I have been terrible remiss at using the wretched thing myself.

I guess my main problem (and surely I am not the only one here?)  is the whole 'so here I am, what do I say now?' syndrome.  If I were one of my own students, I would be recommending forming study groups.  Writing up thoughts and reflections on classes, or books and chapters read (if they read any).  Either way, there would be a definite purpose to what they were trying to achieve.

So what is my purpose?

Well, I could argue that my hope is to develop something which might be useful to students - but frankly, my exper…