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Wesfield Ho!

So this is the class I had been dreading.  What madness  came over me?  The idea that simply because I was teaching a module about consumer culture, that a field trip to Westfield shopping centre would be a good idea?

Anyway, here we all are.  Or at least, here I am.  My students are merrily off gathering 'data' - although the odds are low that this is all they will gather - while I cower in a mainstream coffee shop.  So, since I am here, I thought I would record some of my own thoughts.

I don't know exactly what the architectural intention was when they built this place.  You arrive from across a bridge which spans the vast Stratford International train station.  The while thing is tastefully lit and leads you round a gentle curve and over a gentle hill which each entice you into a collection of glittering buildings that squat like some half-buried metropolis on the other side.  Certainly there is no hint from the approach of the sheer size and grandeur of the interior of …