Thursday, 14 February 2013

Clifford Odets: Topic Questions

Watch this video and consider the following (ALERT! Contains plotspoilers!):

1) What do we learn about each of the characters in this scene? Try mapping out each of the characters and comparing this scene with the descriptions of the characters at the beginning of the play.

Watch this video and consider the following:

1) What is it that makes Ralph 'sing'?

2) Why does Jacob suggest that 'a woman insults a man's soul'?

3) Which character do you have most sympathy with?

Watch this video and consider the following:

1) The opening of this scene finds Jacob reading from a communist manifesto. Why does this seem ironic?

2) Again, where do your sympathies lie in this scene? Are you convinced by Jacob?

Watch this video and consider the following:

1) Bessie has, up to now, been a rather unsympathetic character. How does this scene explain the way she is?

2) Do you blame Bessie for her pragmatism?

3) Who do you think is in 'the right': Bessie with her pragmatic realism, or Ralph with his idealism?

4) What is the significance of the insurance money from Jacob's death?

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