Thursday, 5 July 2012

Brilliant free online productivity tools: Spell with Flickr

I have a tendency to bore people silly with rather over-excited rants about new websites and online tools.  It is not an attractive trait, but occasionally I find someone just as geeky as me who is foolish enough to want to know more, and for you geeks I thought I would compile a list of some of my favourites.  Here is the first of them.

Spell with Flickr


What is it?

One of my favourite all-time albums is Bruce Cockburn's Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu. Among the many things I love about this album is the cover: A beautiful collage of letters with different images and colours.  Of course, I tried to replicate it - but the many hours I spent wrestling with masks in Photoshop did not seem worth it.  Especially when I discovered this unprepossessing little online tool.  Simply type some words into the box, and the site will extract letters from various Flickr photos and generate your

  Cardboard letter c o52 Vintage Wooden Block Letter L Rubber Stamp Letter L Stickle Brick Letter a Cardboard Letter gKeyboard letter E

I don't know about you (of course I don't know about you - silly thing to say really), but I think that looks just heart-warmingly lovely.

Why might you use it?

Presentations, websites, blogs.  I use it quite frequently to create presentations for classes.  It it always good in presentations to include elements which differ from the norm, and this is a wonderfully easy way to create a great and unusual effect.  It has the added benefit that it looks like it has taken far more time than actually has!